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Mother to be, we have a special collection of treatments and packages for you during your pregnancy and at post-natal time. We will design treatments just for your personal needs, at home and at the spa.

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What we Offer

We offer services to help you relax and reduce pain during this special time.

Back Pain: Posture is strained during pregnancy. It causes pain in your upper and your lower back. A pre-natal massage relieves pressure and tension to the larger areas and helps you feel healthier and relaxed.

Body Treatments: Stretch mark treatments are specially designed to improve elasticity and decrease severe stretching of the skin during pregnancy.

Foot Care: The Swelling of your feet and weight gain during pregnancy can cause poor circulation in your feel. We will create a treatment just for your special feet.

Hair loss or Hair Thinning: Both are normal changes during pregnancy. We will stimulate your scalp, which improves its health and functioning. It helps reduce hair loss.

Hand Care: Improve your nails with our natural manicure to avoid brittle, dry peeling during pregnancy, which is common due to changes that your body is going through.

Skin Discoloration: During a pregnancy your hormones change in many different ways. A common one that i found in my practice of skin care, is referred to as “pregnancy mask”. We can help minimize and restore balance.

Spa Prenatal Care

Must be passed first Trimester (13 weeks)

Maternity Packages

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