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Light Therapy

A modern treatment

The new approach to skin rejuvenation and healing!


Light Therapy Benefits

Improves lines & wrinkles
Outstanding Rosacea and sensitive skin results
Uneven skin color or and skin tone
Firming and improves hydration
Increases RNA and DNA synthesis
Photo ageing countering its ageing effects
Stimulates blood and lymph to improve immunity
Helps improve psoriasis and eczema
Treats wounds that are hard to heal
Many clinical experiments have demonstrated a reduction in healing by 50% on invasive or minimal invade procedures
Helps relief chronic acute pain
Photo-ageing countering its effects
Facial or body surgery scar tissue reduction
Treats muscle tissue

Our expert staff can create a skin treatment program.

Due to the uniqueness of each individual type of skin issue, the amount of time and technique needed is varied.

Sessions are customized according to desired results.

$299.00 per session – Package series are available

Before and After Gallery

Take a look at some clients that tried our light therapy services and saw the benefits after just a few sessions!


BEFORE – Pigment, sensitivity, and lines

AFTER – 2x a week for 3 weeks; rosacea gone, sensitivity improved, firmness improved, and lines diminished, with a healthy skin glow


BEFORE – Pinky slammed in car door

AFTER – Saved nail after 2 sessions and pain was gone


BEFORE – Client ordered something online and had a chemical reaction

AFTER – 2x a week for 3 weeks


BEFORE – Product development testing

AFTER – After the product development; 1 session


BEFORE – Slammed in screen door

AFTER – After 1 session


BEFORE – Before beginning light therapy

AFTER – 2 sessions a week for 2 weeks

A front picture of MaryA front face picture of Mary

BEFORE – Before treatment

AFTER – halfway through 12 treatment plan

A side picture of Mary

AFTER – 12th treatment plan

Had scaring redness & saggy skin pre-treatment

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