Let’s be honest, painting your nails at home is not only time consuming, but the possibility of getting that perfect manicure is also limited. There are far too many outside factors that could ruin your latest nail polish paint job before you even leave the house. That’s why getting a professional manicure or pedicure is something everyone should do. It’s affordable, it’s long-lasting, and it takes away the stress of having to repaint your chipped nails the day after. Choosing European Body Concepts to give you the ultimate self-care, for your nail, is the best decision you can make! Here are a few tips as to why you should put down the brush, and make an appointment today.

What are the benefits of a professional manicure?

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  • You will have a professional service every time, and you’ll leave with your nails looking gorgeous.
  • The nail tech will be able to shape and form your nail with ease fixing any scoffs or deformities.
  • Several designs can be added to your nail color to showcase your personality or your mood.
  • You can get add-on services such as a hand and arm massage, nail treatments, paraffin wax treatments, and much more!
  • You’re able to choose between keeping your natural nails or having artificial nails added. You can also choose between standard nail polish, gel polish, or even having acrylic put on.

What to look for in a professional salon?

  • They must have a salon license to be able to serve you. A license proves that your technician has had the proper training to give you the best care.
  • The salon must be clean, as well as performing proper cleaning procedures on the tools used. The technicians have to be hygienic as well.
  • The station needs to be sterilized thoroughly before the next person can use it. Not just for cleanliness, but to prevent the spread of nail fungus’.
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Click here for a list of what our wonderful salon can do for your nails. Call us to set up an appointment today. You’ve earned it!

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