How much time do you spend taking care of your face? Is it a simple daily wash, or do you have an entire routine? At-home treatments are fantastic for keeping your skin fresh, but they only clean the surface. A facial takes it to the next level with deep cleaning, promoting anti-aging, and much more! We’ve come up with the top 5 reasons why you should consider getting a facial today.

It treats acne.

● Acne happens at any age. It could be from hormones, from stress, from a change in skin products, or anything in between. Facials can help minimize breakouts, help heal acne scars, and balance out your complexion.

woman applying a face mask to another woman

It exfoliates the skin.

man applying a face mask to another woman

● As you’re going throughout your day, your face is being hit with various pollutants. Washing your face is terrific for your skin, but sometimes it’s not enough. A facial lifts off dead skin cells and unclogs your pores.

It deep cleanses.

● On top of exfoliating, a facial will deep clean your skin. Your soap at home can only clean the surface of your skin. Deep cleaning will help get rid of bacteria on your skin that cause breakouts.

man getting a skin treatment

It’s anti-aging.

woman getting a massage

● Facials promote blood circulation and collagen to your skin. This brings oxygen and nutrients to the surface and helps prevent the appearance of aging.

It improves your mood.

● When you get a facial, it gives you the chance to relax, relieving stress. It can even help reduce the anxiety you may be experiencing and improve your mood. After the facial, your face will feel clean and refreshed.

woman getting skin treatment
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