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Baths, Balneotherapy, Hydrotherapy, and Thalassotherapy

This therapy helps the body heal, balance, and restore with the full use of water.

You are attended to at all times during the hydrotherapy treatment. The duration of your treatment depends on your goal.Unless noted, baths are for 20 minutes. Resting time is allocated for you after your bath, or you may add another service to your liking.

“Kalo banio me tis ygia sou!”
“A good bath is good health!”


A hydrotherapy treatment received on a regular basis enhances oxygenation and circulatory blood.This treatment results in a better lymphatic flow, which is one of the body’s defense systems, by promoting nutrients to cells and increasing the elimination of toxins through perspiration. This therapy assists your body in the restoration of nervous system balance. A consultation will determine the proper treatment for you.

Balneo Therapy

This wellness retreat uses therapeutic baths while oxygenating your body, leaving you totally relaxed.The following bath baths designed by us for your healing pleasure, better living and a healthier you.


This water therapy utilizes seawater and wonderful plants from the sea, which are rich in minerals, nutrients, and amino acids.You deserve purifying treasures of the sea!

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