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Nail Services

We prefer pedicure appointments not to shave the legs for 24 hours prior to a pedicure appointment.


Polish change hands- 15.00
Mini Manicure-Refresh me. File and shape nails, hand cream, polish $30.00
French Mini Manicure $40.00
Gel Mini Manicure $45.00
French Gel Mini Manicure $55.00

Spa Manicure- The works. File and shape nails, clean up cuticles, hand and arm scrub, hot towels, leave-in mask, hand massage $40.00
French Spa Manicure $50.00
Gel Spa Manicure- The works with gels $55.00
French Gel Spa Manicure $65.00

Signature Spa Manicure- The works plus rapid exfoliation, for aged hands $85.00
French Signature Spa Manicure $95.00
Gel Signature Spa Manicure $100.00
French Gel Signature Spa Manicure $110.00

Gentlemen’s spa manicure -30.00

Special Monday-Thurs- Dimitra Pedicure and Express Manicure $70.00

Grecian Manicure—The Spa Signature Manicure with an added hot oil nail soak to improve any dryness.
40 minutes-$45.00
Paraffin Manicure—Dip your hands in our warm paraffin wax. This gives your hands moisture and soothes your skin. Put on warm heated mitts to help make your hands soft, with manicure.

Goddess Gaia Moisture Lock Manicure

Basic manicure with Therapeutic warm lotion soak

40 minutes-$75.00


Warm stone hand and arm massage (for manicures or pedicures) $10.00

Himalayan stone hand and arm massage $10.00

Gels $15.00

French gels $25.00

French $10.00

Gel removal $15.00

Nail art or jewels $5.00 per nail

Nail treatments $5.00

Paraffin $30.00

Detox Soak $30.00

Grecian soak $15.00

Warm lotion $20.00

Nail build $15.00 for a missing/damaged toe or fingernail

Exfoliation of hand and arm or feet and legs $20.00

Relaxing Foot Soak—Rest and relax while you soak your feet in water with jets. Good for varicose veins, swollen ankles, swollen feet, pregnancy, and poor circulation. Polish not included.
20 minutes – $45.00

Relaxing Foot Soak & Foot Massage (30 minutes) $50.00

Detox Soak & Foot Massage (30 minutes) $50.00


SCRUB $10.00


Polish change feet-$20.00
French Polish Change $25.00

Mini Pedicure-express -no water. Nail filing, cuticle clean up, foot cream, polish $35.00
Gel Mini Pedicure $50.00
French Mini Pedicure $45.00
French Gel Mini Pedicure $60.00

Dimitra Sandal Pedicure – no jets. Foot soak with nail and cuticle push back, buff, sloughing the bottom of the foot, foot cream, polish $45.00
Gel Dimitra Pedicure $60.00
French Dimitra Pedicure $55.00
French Gel Dimitra Pedicure $70.00

Spa Pedicure- luxury. Refreshing sea salt soak with warm water and jets, nail trimming, cuticle clean up, filing, buffing, hydrating mask, sloughing of the dry skin, exfoliation, foot and leg massage, polish $75.00
Gel Spa Pedicure $85.00
French Spa Pedicure $80.00
French Gel Spa Pedicure $95.00

Fire and Ice Spa Pedicure-rest your feet on warm stones while emersed in cool, peppermint water with jets-Nail trimming, cuticle clean up, filing, hydrating mask, sloughing of the dry skin, exfoliation, foot and leg massage, polish $90.00

French Fire and Ice Pedicure-$100.00

Gel Fire and Ice Pedicure-$105.00

French Gel Fire and Ice Pedicure-$115.00

Detox Pedicure- Client’s Favorite. A unique soak that invigorates, reduces swelling, and neutralizes foot odor. Nail trimming, cuticle clean up, filing, hydrating mask, sloughing of the dry skin, exfoliation, foot and leg massage, polish $95.00

Signature Spa Pedicure- luxury plus rapid exfoliation. (Please do not shave your legs the day of treatment) $105.00

French Signature Spa Pedicure-$115.00

Gel Signature Spa Pedicure-$120.00

French Gel Signature Spa Pedicure-$130.00

Gentlemen’s spa pedicure- $65.00

Duo Side by side spa pedicure- $145.00

Himalayan Salt Pedicure—This is our signature sandal pedicure with Himalayan stones massaged all the way up to the knees. The Himalayan stones purify, detoxify, reduce inflammation, and exfoliates for healthier looking and feeling skin. 30 minutes- $65.00
Gel Himalayan Pedicure $80.00
French Himalayan Pedicure $75.00
French Gel Himalayan Pedicure $90.00

Gentleman’s Dimitra (Sandal) Pedicure – $55.00

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