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Things your hairstylist should be asking you!

Things your hairstylist should be asking you!

Written by Nichole Novak

  • What brand and type of shampoo and conditioner are you using?
    There are many types of hair care products such as smoothing, moisture, color care, and the like. This is important of how your hair may take color, how long the color may last, and how much moisture you have in your hair. If your hair needs repairing after a chemical service being over processed, or if you swim a lot and have chlorine build up, your hair might just need some thickening or volume. What brand and type of styling products are you using? This is important if you are not satisfied with the way your hair is laying, and also if there is a lot of build up in your hair.
  • When was your last haircut?
    If your hair is not cut on a regular basis, your ends will keep splitting up and will not grow properly. If you are growing your hair, you do not have to get it trimmed as often. However, you should come more than once or twice a year, because when you do need that healthy trim, you will not need to get as much off if you come sooner.
  • When was your last chemical service and was it professionally done or at home?
    Have you ever had a perm, color, highlight, lowlight, or hair relaxing treatment? We absolutely need to know this information to perform any other chemical service on your hair. Please do not lie to us because we will eventually find out if you did. The service will not take or it will wind up damaging your hair. If your hair was colored 2 years ago it still means there is still color in your hair, so when we ask you this question, please don’t tell us that your hair has not been colored.
  • Do you swim?
    Chlorine can build up in your hair. There are certain shampoos and processes for removal before we put anymore chemicals on your hair such as color, or even just to make your hair healthy again. You should always be spraying a leave-in in conditioner before you swim. Are you expecting a child? You should not be doing any chemical services until the 2nd trimester. Your body is going through changes, and it is good for the stylist to know because it can affect the way your hair takes the treatment. We do recommend you do not do any extreme hair cutting changes when you are expecting, due to mood swings at this time.
  • Are you taking any medication if so what kinds?
    Medication can affect the way your hair takes a chemical service, the way your scalp may react to a chemical service, how textured the hair is, and also hair gain or loss. Do you have any allergies? Depending what you may be allergic to it can be in products or color.
  • What is your goal for today’s visit, and do you have any concerns about the health of your hair?
    We want you looking and feeling your best when you leave our chair and achieve the goal you are aiming for.
  • Do you have any scalp issues or concerns?
    We may have a special treatment for it, or we may have to send you a dermatologist.
  • Do you go tanning and/or in the sun a lot?
    If you have highlights, this can do some damage to your hair, so we would recommend something to protect it. Even if your hair is not highlighted this can be very drying to the hair.
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